• Over 500 companies have already benefited from our innovative approach.


Our sights are fully focused on our clients’ goals – from an internal and external perspective.

As a leading management consulting firm for Customer focused Value Management, we initiate and support change processes to help our clients achieve their goals better and faster.

We have led over 140 projects to success.

We put ideas into action.

In a world that is constantly changing, only companies that think differently, stay flexible and blaze new trails will win. change2target’s goal is to go beyond talk to achieve lasting results.

Who we are

Facts about us
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Since its founding, change2target has helped its clients achieve over 250 million euros in benefits by raising revenues and potential as well as in cutting costs.

What inspires us

There is no stopping the digital transformation of our everyday lives. We use apps to navigate our way through life, order what we need on our smartphones and have it all delivered to our front doors. We interact in social networks and are increasingly willing to share with others rather than own.

This change in customer behavior also means change in the corporate world. Many new companies are leveraging the digital transformation to make processes easier and more convenient for customers.

As a result, traditionally established companies are under pressure to act. Corporate leaders have to communicate new strategies that they find increasingly difficult to understand. Conventional concepts are not enough to solve this dilemma.

change2target supports companies in finding answers to the many questions that arise for them as a result of digital transformation, especially in times of disruptive change.

We are on the road to the future. Are you?

Martin Fischer CEO


change2target taps into a network of partner organizations that promote the efficient combination of expertise, skills and drive to implement action.

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) is the leading membership organization worldwide devoted to quality. In cooperation with ASQ, change2target offers a new 6σ Black Belt training course for Germany, Switzerland and Austria (GSA) which cuts costs by around 80 percent compared to conventional training.

IPTO | Technology Arts Sciences TH Cologne
The Institute for Production Technology and Organization (IPTO) was founded in 1995 at Technology Arts Sciences TH Cologne. It describes itself as a bridge between theory and practice, with the aim of improving both the strategic and operational aspects of corporate competition for businesses. change2target works closely together with IPTO on projects to increase companies’ value.

Hochschule Schmalkalden
The Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences is a modern university in Thuringia offering study in the fields of electronics, computer sciences, engineering, economics and commercial law. change2target sends all lecturers here for the certification as “Business Process Manager (FH)”. The aim of the program is to increase the skills base of future leaders in the areas of Operational Excellence and Lean Management.

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