Supply Chain Optimization Boost Results

Supplier Management is our area of expertise. And implementation is our strength. We use intelligent methods to shape our clients’ supply chains.

Operational Excellence

The performance of manufacturing is critically dependent on supplier quality, both in terms of product quality and delivery capability. That’s why change2target supports its clients’ supplier teams in overcoming specific challenges – from acting as fire fighters for acute problems to setting up sustainable, efficient and effective solutions.

Inspired by lean enterprise, we have integrated the various methods of lean operations and supply chain management into our enhanced tools and support our clients in their implementation.

Risk Management & Resilience

Natural, geopolitical and demographic changes are increasingly leading to supply bottlenecks that can put companies in potentially catastrophic situations. We help our clients identify supply risks earlier and establish mechanisms to respond quickly and effectively.

In doing so, we leverage existing knowledge both inside and outside the company and build structures so that our clients can make the best decisions with the most relevant information to mitigate risk and increase resilience.


Today’s consumers expect value creation to be handled in an ethically and environmentally responsible manner. We support our clients in creating transparency about the fulfillment of these necessities – from on-site verification of legal requirements at suppliers to AI-supported models for calculating the impact of process changes on their carbon footprint.

We also establish decision-making structures at client companies that effectively ensure due diligence along the supply chain.

Data Transparency

High-quality information is the most important driver for a functioning supply chain. It is crucial to bring together a multitude of systems and data structures of different process partners.

Using state-of-the-art methods for data analysis, change2target creates a basis for decision-making for the value creation process, preventive risk management and the optimization of our clients’ carbon footprint. With change2target AI, we are able to install complex decision models with the help of artificial intelligence.


Hybrid Consulting

We do where others only talk.

Through Hybrid Consulting, we support our clients in the implementation of their strategies.

change2target combines classic consulting and on-site collaboration with the client. This makes our consulting approach special. We look at a project from two perspectives: 

Our “Implementers” are consultants and temporarily embedded staff at the same time. They ensure the smooth implementation of tasks within the company. 

They are always supported by an experienced coach outside the project. That way, we ensure reliable progress and the initiation of change processes internally, without losing sight of the big picture from the outside. 

Hybrid Consulting makes a significant contribution to overcoming barriers and sustainably anchoring a change culture within the company.

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