We pitch in and are right in the middle of the action


With our mix of management consulting and on-site collaboration, we achieve faster change along the supply chain. As trusted advisors with a high level of expertise, we act in a down-to-earth and operational way, all in the spirit of sustainable results.

“ We are often asked what sets us apart from other consulting firms. My answer to that is: We enjoy putting things into practice in partnership with our clients. We use a high level of social competence to take on and strengthen the client team. This may sound simple. That’s why you have to experience us to see the difference.

Martin Fischer


Create Value

We support our clients in achieving demanding goals faster and more efficiently. For us, this only makes sense if it creates added value for our clients’ customers. We call this Customer focused Value Management.

Trust your Common Sense

It is becoming increasingly important to analyze data and make the right decisions based on information. However, there’s one more thing that’s essential when it comes to finding the perfect solution: common sense.

Simply Do

Change frequently leads to resistance. Often, people see the risks rather than the opportunities. Instead of thinking about why something can’t be done, we think about how we can make it happen. And then we simply put it into practice.

Diversity and Inclusion

In addition to our clients, our employees are at the center of everything we do at change2target. We are proud that we treat each other with the greatest degree of respect, regardless of origin, religion, language, gender, sexual orientation, education, or other personal characteristics. This allows us to use diversity and belonging as our strengths. Here, too, our principle is: Don’t just talk. Simply do!

Ways of Working

Classic consulting and on-site collaboration

We look at our projects from two perspectives: As Implementers, we are consultants and temporarily embedded staff at our clients at the same time.



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