Kayla Edwards Smith

Kayla acts as a life coach with a twist. She is on a mission to help a global automaker uncover hidden gems of improvement with their Quality Management System.


In the ever-evolving landscape of global manufacturing, quality is the compass that guides success. Meet Kayla, a Lead ISO 9001:2015 Process Auditor, who embarked on her journey with change2target in 2022. Her mission? To help a global automaker uncover hidden gems of improvement within their Quality Management System (QMS).


A Quality Coach Extraordinaire

Kayla describes her role as akin to that of a life coach, with a twist. “Instead of guiding individuals through life’s challenges, I coach my clients on how to prepare for an audit”, she says – a pivotal moment for any organization. Her focus isn’t just on compliance but on unearthing potential areas of improvement within the QMS. Kayla employs such problem-solving methods as the 5-Why analysis or the Ishikawa diagram to dissect issues and offer practical solutions.


Connecting and Inspiring Daily

One of the most rewarding aspects of Kayla’s job is the opportunity to connect with new people every day. She witnesses the transformation of frowns into smiles when problems are turned into valuable learning experiences. The relationships cultivated with clients are invaluable, fostering a knowledge exchange that fuels the success of both parties.


Hybrid Consulting for a Balanced Family Life

Kayla’s choice of change2target was motivated by the company’s Hybrid Consulting model. This allows her the flexibility to create her own schedule, occasionally working from home. “This flexibility is a boon, enabling me to actively participate in my children’s school events and extracurricular activities”, Kayla raves. That approach exemplifies the importance of work-life balance in today’s professional landscape.


Masters of Time and ISO Standards

Time management is the linchpin of Kayla’s daily routine. The role demands meticulous planning for opening and closing meetings, thorough preparation for audit sessions, and a deep dive into the client’s processes to understand every facet. Reviewing copious documents and crafting impactful PowerPoint presentations for these meetings are part of the package.

Kayla’s team doesn’t just skim the surface. They delve into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) monthly, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of their client’s performance. Team meetings bring together experts from various areas, facilitating cross-functional collaboration and knowledge-sharing.


Living by the ISO Standard

What sets Kayla and her team apart is their intimate relationship with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. They are not just certified in it; they live and breathe it. Their profound understanding of this quality benchmark enables them to be effective coaches, guiding their clients towards compliance and excellence.


In closing, the life of a Lead ISO 9001:2015 Process Auditor is a journey through the intricate corridors of quality management. It’s about fostering connections, transforming problems into opportunities, and mastering the art of time management. Kayla’s role exemplifies the vital role auditors play in shaping the quality culture of modern organizations, ensuring they not only meet standards but surpass them.

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