What we Consultants can learn from our Clients

In our search for new employees, we at change2target repeatedly come across a phenomenon that makes us think. When we ask what benefits experienced candidates have brought to their clients during their consulting careers, methods are recited almost like a prayer mill: “Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma, Supply Chain Management, Kanban” are standard buzzwords that are pulled out of the toolbox. Sometimes it also happens that monetary benefits are mentioned. When asked how the consultants proceed, the answer is even more standardized and monotonous: First they analyze, then the client has to implement – true to the motto: “After all, I can’t do the work for the client.”

So, once again, the question: What do we need to change to offer our clients real added value? And how much is our service worth for real?

This is exactly where we started when we developed Hybrid Consulting. It is not a matter of applying “tried and tested” consulting concepts to the client, for better or worse, but of taking the client’s needs and transforming them into a partnership that is most beneficial for the client. This results in a wide variety of projects and measures – always aiming at maximum benefit for the client. This is exactly what we ask our clients to do with their customers. And many of them have shown us that it is possible.

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